hot exertions pass over my body
skin touched by air touched by skin

i alone plunge deep to the hot
perfecting the salutation

perfect poem of perfect life
pretense protecting potentiality

nominee of known circumstance
(and partial derision too)

bubbling boil bubbles encounter bump bubbles

we few in bemusement
rather stupor

comprehensor: the human résumé—
layers deep still waxy

written dialogue of the new gods?
merry self reflection, narcissus

PUNISH: you, stupor breaker
stupid faker

verde—violent venn diagram
indeed great pretender

it’s you i sense
ritual dance of my lung breath

indeed outrageous
death breath

interaction perfected,
gear, gear,

warm-hearted coldblood extender
it’s you i love

extra external
i know you

bloody pastel
and pastel-ly blood cake

a wasted curl clump.

i feel next to my dear ones
wavelength emulators

like city dust
and dirtcoat

dear me, a weighty ambition,

all so yet still iconoclast.

written april 2022