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"fire escape" by pigeon pit


Everything for Everyone by Eman Abdelhadi and M. E. O'Brien


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21+ | she/they | transfeminine | dork | libra

hi!! my internet name is kallistii. i'm very passionate about history and literature! this site is a landing-ground for my poetry and other creative writing, as well as a space to overshare in the blog section.
i am exhausted w/ other forms of internet communication, where people don't really have the liberty to express themselves with depth of thought. the design of our web places greater importance on activity (i.e., "engagement") than critical thought.
if you're interested in being e-friends, check out my contact page or leave a note in my guestbook!


  • batman universe
  • graphic nonfiction
  • unconventional poetry
  • joan didion
  • vintage fashion
  • sci-fi + speculative fiction
  • marxist theory
  • crochet
  • language learning!
    • mandarin (台灣口音): somewhat conversational;
    • spanish: pretty amateur;
    • polish: very amateur;


    had to delete my old guestbook because 123guestbook is shutting down! new guest book is live! :)
    back after a year!! two very challenging semesters and one degree later, i want to change this site up and post more writing. woohoo!
    added two misc posts (1,2) and the stream of consciousness box to the homepage.
    finished the blog section on the site and wrote my FIRST BLOG EVER, a pretty crappy write-up of my thoughts on an album i'm kind of feral about. (were i not so unhinged about this band i probably could've stated my thoughts better,, but idc!!! they rock!!)
    added a header, a homepage, a background, and started work on my blog page!! now this really feels like a site !! :))
    this site was born! i encountered this tumblr post and was inspired to make a site for myself. :^)

    fave sites

    these are some of my favorite neocities sites (who have inspired me a lot in how i set up my site!!)